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Power Outages

When the Power Goes Out

Power outages don't happen often but when they do there are certain procedures to follow when reporting an outage to Vigilante Electric Cooperative.

Check your fuses or breakers to be sure the trouble is not in your electrical system. 

Check the main breaker which is usually located below the meter on the pole. If the breaker is tripped, you can reset it. Push the breaker all the way down very firmly to the OFF position, then up to the ON position. 

If your power is still off, check with your neighbors that are on the same line as you. This will determine how wide spread the outage is. 

Then call V.E.C., giving us the following information: 

1.    Name 
2.    Physical address 
3.    Directions to trouble spot (if needed) 
4.    Approximate time outage occurred 

During normal business hours call 683-2327 or toll free (800) 221-8271. If the line is busy, keep trying. If you are calling after business hours, please consult the guide below.



After Hours Mon-Thurs

Justin Bair                        925-1540

Charles Wharton               660-1878

Gary Ferris                       683-6321



683-2327 or 800-221-8271


After Hours

Chuck Romerio                   491-5466

Zach Maershbecker     701-290-9265




Same as above


After Hours

John Moos                     266-3605

Chase White                  459-3892

Chuck Romerio              491-5466



Same as above


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